Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50


Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50

(featuring Van Johnson)

Here's Lucy

A Van Johnson look-alike plays a con on Lucy and she gives him $23.50 to "fix his car". After that, a Texas oil millionaire comes to the Unique Employment Agency and asks for a celebrity to sing to his prized cow, Ethel, on her birthday. Lucy suggests Van Johnson.

So when Lucy goes to get her money back, the real Van Johnson doesn't recognise her and calls for his security guards to escort her back to her car. When he realises that a look-alike of his really did take the money from her, he feels bad and winds up singing Happy Birthday to a cow.

Special Notes: This episode is written for Van Johnson to work in a not-so-subtle plug for Lucille Ball's latest film Yours, Mine and Ours, in which he is a featured player.

Episode #11
Season #1 (1968-69)

Aired: December 9, 1968

Jack Donohue (Director),
Fred S. Fox (Writer)
Seaman Jacobs (Writer)

Guest Star:
Van Johnson (Himself)

Supporting Cast:
Jeff DeBenning (Douglas Alamo Davidson),
Tommy Farrell (Morgan),
Nancy Howard (Secretary),
Orwin C. Harvey (Guard),
Ray Kellogg (Man)