Lucy Helps Danny Thomas


Lucy Helps Danny Thomas

(featuring Danny Thomas)

The Lucy Show

Lucy is so often short on money she convinces Mr. Mooney that working for him part-time at the bank might be a good source of added revenue and a good influence on her. To test her, Mooney has Lucy deliver an envelope to a television studio.

While waiting in the lobby, she's mistaken for one of the new dancers hired for the Danny Thomas TV special. Not about to pass up the opportunity, Lucy forges ahead despite knowing none of the choreography.

The rehearsal is disastrous as she goes the wrong way, throws a shoe, and constantly wallops Danny with her prop umbrella. In short order, she becomes a chorus girl on a Danny Thomas TV special.

Special Notes: At this point, The Lucy Show really does become a different series. In a few weeks, Lucy not only works for Mooney full time, but it appears as if they have allways been boss and employee. Also any further talk regarding her trust fund is no longer mentioned. Notice Mooney's office will change constantly over the next few months, getting larger and more luxurious each week until its layout is frozen in the next season.

This episode is reminicent of the I Love Lucy episode, "Lucy Gets in Pictures". Lucy appears in a show with Danny Thomas as a chorus girl with a large headress which she is unable to handle.

Episode #91
Season #4 (1965-66)

Aired: November 1, 1965

Maury Thompson (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)

Guest Star:
Danny Thomas (Himself)

Supporting Cast:
Miriam Nelson (Miriam),
Dick Patterson (Marty King),
Mickey Manners (Messenger),
Larri Thomas (Sally),
Sid Gould (Elevator Operator)