Lucy and the Countess Have a House Guest


Lucy and the Countess
Have a House Guest

The Lucy Show

Lucy's old pal, Rosie Hannigan, the Countess Framboise, arrives on her doorstep with lots of luggage and no money. She is flat broke and her only asset is a pregnant racing horse that her husband left her. Unable to pay the stable bill, Lucy volunteers to keep 'Oil Well' on her patio.

Mooney is livid about the scheme until learning that the horse is pregnant. The girls get Mr. Mooney to finance the mare's care until the foal is born. Then he's as excited and proud as a real father, declaring, "I'm going to be a Daddy!"

Special Notes: William Frawley does his cameo appearance in this episode as the track maintenance man. Lucy had wanted to have Frawley appear on her show, but because he and Vivian Vance did not get along, he could not do so until she was no longer a regular. This is his final appearance with Lucille and his final appearance on the television screen. He died of a heart attack at the Knickerbocker Hotel, a few months after shooting this show in March 1966. Desi Arnaz was grief-strucken with the loss of his friend and took out a full-page ad in the trade papers, consisting of Frawley's picture, framed in black, and three words: "Buenas noches, amigo!"

Episode #90
Season #4 (1965-66)

Aired: October 25, 1965

Maury Thompson (Director),
Garry Marshall (Writer),
Jerry Belson (Writer)

Guest Star:
Ann Sothern (Rosie Harrigan, the Countess Framboise)

Supporting Cast:
William Frawley (The Trainer),
Herb Vigran (The Vet),
William T. Quinn (Mr. Frink),
Sid Gould (Porter)