Lucy and Joan


Lucy and Joan

The Lucy Show

Lucy meets two more of her neighbors, Joan an actress, and handsome Brad Collins. The girls become pals, and Joan contrives to get Lucy and Brad together romantically.

Joan gives Lucy a pair of tickets to a celebrity charity ball. Since Lucy doesn't have a date to escort her to the event, Joan helps her woo the handsome neighbor. The gals stake out the laundry room so Lucy can work her charms on him. She even bakes a cake for his birthday, though it doesn't survive the tumble dry cycle.

Special Notes: This is Joan Blondell 's first appearance as neighbor Joan Brenner. She was hired to fill the void left by the departure of Vivian Vance. Although, Lucy and Joan are very compatible onscreen, offscreen Lucille and Joan Blondell had heated arguments backstage and did not get along at all. After two episodes, her character as Lucy's neighbor was written out. Keith Andes has already made several "Lucy Show" appearances as a different romantic interet for Lucy back in Danfield. He was also Lucy's Broadway leading man in the musical Wildcat (1960).

Episode #88
Season #4 (1965-66)

Aired: October 11, 1965

Maury Thompson (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer),
Iz Elinson (Writer),
Fred S. Fox (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Joan Blondell (Joan Brenner),
Keith Andes (Brad Collins),
Bill Dungan (Pete),
Dick Winslow (Card Player),
Queenie Smith (Mrs. Collins),
Joel Marston (Grocery Clerk),
Judith Woodbury (Woman in Market),
John Perri (Checker #1),
Bennett Green (Checker #2),
Sid Gould (Checker #3)