Lucy Decides to Redecorate


Lucy Decides to Redecorate

The Lucy Show

Feeling that her home is looking a little shabby, Lucy decides she would like some remodeling done in her home, but Mr. Mooney will only allow enough money for a few small jobs to be done. Lucy cooks up a scheme to get it redecorated and tricks Mr. Mooney out of $200.

Lucy and Viv figure they can do the big repairs themselves for the amount of money they were allowed. Lucy goes overboard and manages to almost destroy the house.

Cutting corners, Lucy decides to spray paint the sofa in the living room rather than having it reupholstered. Lucy ruins the walls with a berserk paint gun, so she and Viv are forced to repaint. Trapped downstairs, they sleep in the car in the garage. That's when the real damage begins.

Special Notes: The first 22 minutes were filmed before Lucy's summer hiatus. The last scene showing the Carmichael's new look was filmed after production resumed in September. The car in Lucy's and Viv's garage is a 1954 Ford. Lucy refers to President John F. Kennedy's fitness program, he was assassinated 4 days after this show aired on November 18, 1963.

Bloopers: When Lucy and Viv get cold sleeping in the garage, Lucy starts the car to warm them up. But everyone knows that running a car inside the garage would cause carbon monoxide poisoning. At the end Lucy accidentally puts her car into reverse and backs the car into her living room. But this would be impossible, since it would mean the only to drive the car into the garage is through the living room.

Episode #38
Season #2 (1963-64)

Aired: November 18, 1963

Jack Donohue (Director),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis (Writer),
Bob Weiskopf (Writer),
Bob Schiller (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Gale Gordon (Theodore J. Mooney)