Lucy and Carol Burnett, Part 1


Lucy and Carol Burnett, Part 1

(featuring Carol Burnett)

The Lucy Show

Lucy temporarily quits her job at the bank and tries out as a flight attendant for Trans Global Airways. Her fellow trainee is Carol Tilford, who is terrified of heights. They almost blow their test flight, until ingenuity and imagination save the day.

On their very first flight, the movie breaks, leaving the two to entertain the passengers themselves. They perform "That's Entertainment" and impressions of Charlie Chaplin and Jimmy Durante.

Special Notes: This episode is the first of two parts. By this point, the series is developing into comedy skits, much like Jack Benny's old TV series. There is very little continuity from week to week, and no vision for the series as a whole. Part of this is due to the fact Lucille has recently sold Desilu to the huge conglomerate Gulf & Western, which also owns Paramount Studios (located next door to Desilu in Hollywood). Everyone knows this is the final season for this still very popular series. Less attention is paid to plots and details, and more effort is placed on guest stars and musical numbers.

The finale of this entry has Lucy and Carol putting on an impromptu in-flight show when the scheduled film breaks. This kind of spontaneous singing and dancing had not happened since the golden days of the MGM musical films. Without the talent and energy of the two ladies involved, it would have been very corny. Notice the subtle use of flight attendant trainees of all races.

Bloopers: Carol Burnett had previously guest stared on the series as Carol Bradford in episode #117, "Lucy Gets a Roommate". This time, she portrays Carol Tilford.

Episode #145
Season #6 (1967-68)

Aired: December 4, 1967

Jack Donohue (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)

Guest Star:
Carol Burnett (Carol Tilford)

Supporting Cast:
Rhodes Reason (Mr. Brennan),
Kasey Rogers (Miss Cavanaugh),
Eric Mason (Passenger Agent),
Jerry Rush (Pilot),
Sid Gould (Workman)