Lucy and Tennessee Ernie Ford


Lucy and Tennessee Ernie Ford

(featuring Tennessee Ernie Ford)

The Lucy Show

Mr. Mooney is in a slump acquiring new accounts for the bank, so to help save his job, Lucy targets nouveau-riche country singer Homer Higgins as a potential customer. Lucy hears that Homer is about to become a California resident so she sets off to the hotel to coax him into setting up an account with their bank.

To impress Mr. Higgins and his family, scheming Lucy talks Mooney and Mr. Cheever into having a barn dance at the bank to make the country boy feel really at home. Lucy also decides to dress down to pose as Mrs. Mooney.

Special Notes: This is Ernie Ford's first visit to a Lucy show since his appearances on I Love Lucy in episode #94, "Tennessee Ernie Visits"; episode #95, "Tennessee Ernie Hangs On"; and episode #112, "Tennessee Bound". This is Maury Thompson's last work with Lucille Ball, and the final episode filmed for the season. Thompson wanted a raise to continue as Director and when the word leaked out while he was on vacation, Lucille Ball decided to fire him.

Episode #131
Season #5 (1966-67)

Aired: February 27, 1967

Maury Thompson (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)

Guest Star:
Tennessee Ernie Ford (Homer Higgins)

Supporting Cast:
Roy Roberts (Harrison Cheever),
The Back Porch Majority (Themselves),
Robert Easton (Iffie),
Carole Cook (Effie),
Joan Swift (Dottie),
William O'Connell (Assistant Manager),
Bert May (Dancer)