Lucy and John Wayne


Lucy and John Wayne

(featuring John Wayne)

The Lucy Show

Mr. Mooney sends Lucy to the movie studio to deliver some papers regarding the financing on John Wayne's new film. Mooney instructs her to drop off the papers with one of the studio's secretaries and not to bother Wayne, but she ignores his warning.

Mary Jane invites Lucy to lunch at the movie studio where she works, and there Lucy bumps into John Wayne. Lucy insists on meeting Mr. Wayne in person. Ultimately, Wayne finds himself lunching with her when Mary Jane had to leave. Nervous and excited, Lucy proceeds to talk his ear off and finally spills ketchup all over him. Mr. Wayne takes that as his exit cue.

Later, Mary Jane arranges for Lucy to visit a set where Wayne is filming, and she wreaks total havoc on the sound stage.

Special Notes: Milton Berle has an uncredited walk-on cameo. John Wayne previously guest-starred as himself on I Love Lucy and the episode title was also called "Lucy and John Wayne". Hanging on the wall in the studio commissary, is a photo of Bob Crane from Hogan's Heroes.

Bloopers: Lucy reveals that her maiden name is MacGillicuddy, the same maiden name as her I Love Lucy character, Lucy Ricardo. Earlier in the series, episode #41, "Lucy's College Reunion" she says her maiden name is Taylor.

Episode #120
Season #5 (1966-67)

Aired: November 21, 1966

Maury Thompson (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)

Guest Star:
John Wayne (Himself)
Milton Berle (Himself)

Supporting Cast:
Mary Jane Croft (Mary Jane Lewis),
Joseph Ruskin (Director),
Morgan Woodward (Pierce),
Bryan O'Byrne (Assistant Director),
Kay Stewart (Waitress),
Joyce Perry (Joyce)