Lucy Puts up a TV Antenna


Lucy Puts up a TV Antenna

The Lucy Show

When Lucy's TV set doesn't work, she discovers that the antenna has blown off the roof. Refusing to spend extra money, she talks Viv into helping her replace it themselves and save money.

The do-it-yourself project costs a small fortune thanks to Lucy's general klutziness, Viv's fear of heights, broken windows, new holes in the roof, and smoke damage caused by clogging the chimney when Lucy's falls on top and ends up sitting in the chimney.

Special Notes: The scene in the TV repair shop is greatly edited as it was much longer when filmed. In it, Lucy holds up a cardboard TV screen to show the repairman how her screen looks by contorting her face.

A color still from this sequence will be used as part of the show's opening credits for the next season. At the end of this episode, Viv lights a fire that billows smoke up to Lucy who is stuck in the chimney, but there is no fireplace in this set as there was in every other Lucy set!

Lucy's rooftop was really only three feet off the studio floor. Special effects gave it the appearance of being higher.

Bloopers: Lucy touchs an electrical power line with the antenna but gets no shock. The sky in the background has several seams in it, and in one shot where the camera pans too high, you can see studio lights shining on the sky.

Episode #9
Season #1 (1962-63)

Aired: November 26, 1962

Jack Donohue (Director),
Desi Arnaz (Executive Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis (Writer),
Bob Weiskopf (Writer),
Bob Schiller (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Del Moore (Herb),
Lloyd Corrigan (Mr. Holly),
Chuck Roberson (Fireman #1),
Hubie Kerns (Fireman #2)