Lucy Gets Lucky

Lucy Gets Lucky

(featuring Dean Martin)

Lucy TV Specials

This Lucille Ball special featured Lucy as Lucy Collins, an avid fan of Dean Martin, who is determined to see her idol perform in concert at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

Upon learning the concert is sold out and that Dean Martin is doing a special performance just for hotel employees, Lucy gets herself hired by the hotel. As usual, Lucy causes plenty of trouble along the way, and Dean Martin has to step in and save her, and Las Vegas, from disaster.

Special Notes: Dean Martin had previously appeared in an episode of The Lucy Show, "Lucy Dates Dean Martin", which was Lucille Ball's favorite episode. The special is shot almost entirely on location at the old MGM Grand Hotel.

Airdate: March 1, 1975
Studio: CBS
Show Length: 60 minutes

Lucille Ball (Executive Producer),
Gary Morton (Producer),
Jack Donohue (Director),
Norman Gray (Assistant Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)

Guest Star(s):
Lucille Ball (Lucy Collins),
Dean Martin (as himself)

Supporting Cast:
Jackie Coogan (Gus Mitchell),
Bruce Gordon (Max Vogel),
Jane Aull (Keno Girl),
Vanda Barra (Gladys),
Bonnie Boland (Sally),
Gino Conforti (Antonio),
Lee Delano (Chuck Murdock),
Jack Donohue (Ralph),
Hal England (Arranger),
Joey Forman (Eddie),
Sid Gould (Taxi Driver),
Jay Jones(Maintenance),
Ken Lane (as himself),
Gary Morton (Al),
Paul Picerni (Packy West),
Joan Swift (Dawn),
Judith Wright (Peggy)