The Cugat's Tenth Wedding Anniversary


The Cugat's Tenth Wedding Anniversary

(featuring Lucille Ball and Lee Bowman)

My Favorite Husband

In this Pilot Broadcast for My Favorite Husband, instead of celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary, George takes Liz to a party to see his old flame, Myra Ponsonby.

The first show sets up the premise of the series. A married couple who have been happily married for 10 years, and still seem to be actually in love. The Cugat’s flashback to moments of their wedding day, as they prepare for their anniversary. Liz, the well to do socialite, and George, the up and coming banker.

Liz is to have a portrait painted for the big anniversary celebration. George’s friend Corey, a confirmed bachelor cass doubt on the intentions of the portrait artist. Of course Liz doesn’t see anything in the artist, but manages to say all the right things to cause jealousy to grow in George. It gets so bad that George calls a doctor along with his attractive nurse. Still simmering over the artist, George see’s his chance to use the situation of having the nurse to get some revenge jealousy brewing in Liz.

In the end though, George and Liz come to their senses. They see through their petty jealousies, but don’t worry, the laughs won’t stop even to the very end.

Special Notes: This is the Pilot Broadcast for My Favorite Husband. Lee Bowman played George in this pilot episode. He was later replaced by Richard Denning when the program began its weekly broadcast. This was also Hal March's first appearence as Cory Cartwright.

Pilot Broadcast
Season #1 (1948-49)

Broadcast: July 5, 1948

Guest Star:
Lucille Ball (Liz Cugat),
Lee Bowman (George Cugat)

Supporting Cast:
Hal March,
Hans Conried