Easy to Wed


Easy to Wed (1946)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Gladys Benton)

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When a newspaper runs a scandalous story about debutante Connie Allenbury (Esther Williams), her powerful broker father threatens the newspaper's editor, Warren Haggerty (Keenan Wynn), with a massive lawsuit.

Faced with a libel suit from the socialite Allenbury, Haggerty cooks up a plan to beat her at her own game. To do this, he must rely upon the romantic chicanery of ex-employee Bill Stevens Chandler (Van Johnson), with Haggerty's fiancee Gladys Benton (Lucille Ball) caught in the middle.

Warren believes that, if he can prove Connie truly is a home-wrecker, as the article claims, he can file a countersuit against her. Warren then enlists his own fiancee, Gladys and reporter Bill Chandler to take part in a complex plan to turn the tables on the Allenburys.

Special Notes: Van Johnson, Esther Williams, Lucille Ball and Keenan Wynn expertly assume the roles originally played by William Powell, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow and Spencer Tracy from the 1936 screwball comedy, Libeled Lady.

Movie #63
Film Date: 1946

Release Date: July 25, 1946
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: Technicolor
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Film Length: 106 minutes

Edward N. Buzzell (Director)
Jack Cummings (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Gladys Benton)

Supporting Cast:
Van Johnson (Bill Stevens Chandler)
Esther Williams (Connie Allenbury)
Keenan Wynn (Warren Haggerty)
Cecil Kellaway (J.B. Allenbury)
June Lockhart (Babs Norvell)
Carlos Ramirez (Himself)
Ethel Smith (Herself)
Grant Mitchell (Homer Henshaw)
James Flavin (Joe)
Celia Travers (Farwood's Secretary)
Sybil Merritt (Receptionist)
Sondra Rodgers (Attendant)
Guy Bates Post
Jean Porter (Frances)
Alex Pollard (Waiter)
Nina Bara (Rumba Dancer)
Josephine Whittell (Mrs. Burns Norvell)
Dick Winslow (Orchestra Leader)
Jack Shea (Lifeguard)
Walter Soderling
John Valentine (Butler)
Charles Sullivan
Mitzie Uehlein
Monte Blue
Sarah Edwards (Mr. & Mrs. Dibson)
Tom Dugan (Waiter)
Fred Fisher
Joel Friedkin (Justice of the Peace)
Karin Booth (Clerk)
Patricia Denise (Girls at Pool)
George Calliga (Headwaiter)
Kanza Omar
Charles Knight
Milt Kibbee (Private Detective)
Robert E. O'Connor (Taxi Driver)
Phyllis Graffeo
Frank S. Hagney (Truck Driver)
Ben Blue (Spike Dolan)
Jonathan Hale (Hector Boswell)
Paul Harvey (Farwood)