You Can't Fool Your Wife


You Can't Fool Your Wife (1940)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Clara Hinklin)

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Lucille Ball gets mixed up in a storyline that would have been right at home on her future TV series I Love Lucy. Feeling neglected by her husband Andrew (James Ellison), drab housewife Clara Hinklin (Lucille Ball) walks out on him, much to the delight of her busybody mother-in-law (Emma Dunn).

Realizing that she's still in love with her husband, Clara undergoes a glamour treatment, re-emerging in the guise of Latin American charmer Mercedes Vasquez. Reunited with her husband at a masquerade party, Clara tries to win him back by continuing her pose as the alluring Mercedes. The question: Does Andrew fall back in love with Clara, or is he merely smitten by her seductive alter ego?

Special Notes: The working title of this film was "The Romantic Mr. Hinklin". It was based on an original story of the same name by Richard Carroll and Ray McCarey.

Movie #49
Film Date: 1940

Release Date: May 21, 1940
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 68 minutes

Ray McCarey (Director)
Cliff Reid (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Clara Fields Hinklin/Mercedes Vasquez)

Supporting Cast:
James Ellison (Andrew Hinklin)
Robert Coote (Battincourt)
Virginia Vale (Sally)
Emma Dunn (Mother Fields)
Elaine Shepard (Peggy)
William Halligan (J.R. Gillespie)
Oscar O'Shea (Chaplain)
Norman Mayes (Porter)
Charles Lane (Salesman)
Minerva Urecal (Mrs. Doolittle)
Patsy O'Byrne (Hotel Maid)
Walter Sande (Young Gillespie)
Max Wagner (Burglar)
Hobart Cavanaugh (Potts)
Leo Cleary (Mr. Doolittle)
Irving Bacon (Lippincott)
Dell Henderson (Hotel Manager)
Charles Hall (Bellhop)
Walter Fenner (Walker)
Harrison Greene (Sullivan)
Rosina Galli (Mama Brentoni)