Old Man Rhythm


Old Man Rhythm (1935)

(featuring Lucille Ball as College Girl)

Lucille Ball Movies

In this musical campus comedy, trouble ensues when a meddlesome, overprotective father enrolls in the same college as his son so he can watch over his love life.

The son soon finds himself involved with a conniving golddigger who dumps him when she discovers that his family fortune has been squandered on a bum business deal.

Special Notes: This film was based on a screenplay by Sig Herzig and Ernest Pagano, which was based on a story by Herzig, Lewis Gensler, and Don Hartman.

Movie #23
Film Date: 1935

Release Date: August 2, 1935
Film Type: comedy/musical
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 75 minutes

Edward Ludwig (Director)
Zion Myers (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (College Girl) (uncredited)

Supporting Cast:
Charles "Buddy" Rogers (Johnny Rogers)
George Barbier (John Roberts, Sr.)
Barbara Kent (Edith Warren)
Grace Bradley (Marion Beecher)
Betty Grable (Sylvia)
Eric Blore (Phillips)
Erik Rhodes (Frank Rochet)
John Arledge (Pinky Parker)
Johnny Mercer (Colonel)
Donald Meek (Paul Parker)
Dave Chasen (Andy)
Sonny Lamont (Blimp)
Erich Von Stroheim, Jr. (College Boy)
Jack Thomas
Margaret Nearing (Margaret)
Kay Sutton (College Girl)
Bryant Washburn
Douglas Fowley (Oyster)
Claude Gillingwater, Jr. (College Boy)
Carlyle Blackwell
Maxine Jennings
Joy Hodges (Lois)
Ronald Graham (Ronald)
Sam Harris (Board Member)
Jane Hamilton