Fugitive Lady


The Fugitive Lady (1934)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Beauty Operator)

Lucille Ball Movies

In this thriller, a young woman marries a dashing young man who, unbeknownst to her, is a jewel thief. After his latest job, he takes off and leaves her to take the rap. In court she is found guilty.

She is riding a train en route to prison when the train crashes. Her identity is confused with that of a wealthy young man's fiancee. The two soon fall in love. They are later confronted by the real fiancee, her thieving husband, the fiancee's brother and the police. Somehow the girl is extricated from the mess with her name and reputation intact.

Movie #15
Film Date: 1934

Release Date: December 10, 1934
Film Type: drama
Film Color: black/white
Studio: Columbia
Film Length: 66 minutes

Albert Rogell (Director)
Sid Rogell (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Beauty Operator) (uncredited)

Supporting Cast:
Neil Hamilton (Donald Brooks)
Florence Rice (Ann Duncan)
Donald Cook (Jack Howard)
Clara Blandick (Aunt Margaret)
Nella Walker (Mrs. Brooks)
William Demarest (Steve Rogers)
Wade Boteler (Rudy Davis)
Ernest Wood (Joe Nelson)
Rita Gould (Mrs. Clifford)
Betty Alden (Nurse)
Warner P. Richmond (Saunders)
Wedgewood Nowell (Court Clerk)
Pat O'Malley (Renham)
Jessie Pringle (Mrs. Carfax)
Virginia Pine
Matt McHugh (Bert Higgins)
Maidel Turner (Mrs. Young)
Maude Truax (Mrs. Adams)
James Adamson (Black Man)
Buddy Roosevelt (Fight Double)
Billie Seward (Miss Hyland)
Bert Starkey
Al Seymour
Phillips Smalley (Mr. Wolsey)
Allen Cavan (Man)
Billy Dooley (Simmons)
Wilson Benge (Butler)
Sam Flint (Conductor)
Bess Flowers (Beauty Operator)
Harvey Clark (Mr. Creswell)
James "Doc" Blakely (Bridal Couple)
Irene Colman
Edward J. Le Saint (Judge)
Mike Lally
Isabelle La Mal (Mrs. Brown)
Rita La Roy (Sylvia Brooks)
Gladys Gale (Miss Smith)
Harry Holman (Mr. Young)
Howard Hickman (Doctor)