Nana (1934)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Chorus Girl)

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Anna Sten plays Nana, a woman of the streets who is spotted by noted theatrical producer Gaston Greiner (Richard Bennett). Greiner is so impressed by Nana's beauty that he gives her a part in his latest revue.

Almost overnight, Nana is the toast of Paris and a star of the highest magnitude; however, fame and fortune brings her little happiness, as two brothers, Lt. George Muffat (Phillips Holmes) and Col. Andre Muffat (Lionel Atwill), both vie for her affections, leading to a bitter rivalry that ends in tragedy.

Special Notes: Russian actress Anna Sten was brought to America as a protégé of producer Samuel Goldwyn, who sought to make Sten the "next Garbo". The resounding box office failure of Nana and Sten's next two vehicles led Goldwyn to drop her contract two years after bringing her to Hollywood, though she continued to work sporadically in films for another 25 years.

Movie #6
Film Date: 1934

Release Date: February 1, 1934
Film Type: drama
Film Color: black/white
Studio: Samuel Goldwyn/United Artists
Film Length: 90 minutes

Dorothy Arzner (Director)
Samuel Goldwyn (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Chorus Girl) (uncredited)

Supporting Cast:
Anna Sten (Nana)
Phillips Holmes (Lt. George Muffat)
Lionel Atwill (Col. Andre Muffat)
Richard Bennett (Gaston Grainer)
Mae Clarke (Satin)
Muriel Kirkland (Mimi)
Reginald Owen (Bordenave)
Jessie Ralph (Zoe)
Lawrence Grant (Grand Duke Alexis)
Eily Malyon
Branch Stevens (Leon)
Tom Ricketts
Charles B. Middleton
Barry Norton (Louis)
Clarence H. Wilson
Bunny Beatty (Estelle Muffat)
Wilson Benge
Hardie Albright (Lt. Gregory)
Ferdinand Gottschalk (Finot)
Helen Freeman (Sabine Muffat)
Albert Conti
Bramwell Fletcher
Gino Corrado