Oil Wells


Oil Wells

I Love Lucy

When new tenants (apartment 4-B) Sam and Nancy Johnson of Texas tell the Ricardos and Mertzes about some available oil stock, "a sure thing, but only a few shares left"; Ricky and Fred immediately express their disapproval. Lucy complains: "Our one big chance to live on Easy Street, and we're married to a couple of roadblocks."

The next day, the Ricardos learn, with some surprise, that the Mertzes bought the remaining oil stock (ten shares for twelve hundred dollars), despite Fred's previous attitude. An argument ensues, and Lucy accuses the Mertzes of "jumping our claim."

The landlords finally soften (and sell them half their shares) when Lucy hints: "We were counting on the extra money for Little Ricky's college education."

According to Ricky, the girls "cross their chickens before their bridges are hatched" when they rush out and buy (on approval) a mink coat and fur stole. Of course, level-headed Ricky is no better - they catch him in the act of pricing a "custom-built periwinkle blue Cadillac with a horn that plays 'Babalu' (twelve thousand dollars)."

But when a detective friend of Fred's, Ken, comes looking for the Johnsons, our shareholding foursome jumps to the conclusion they have been swindled. Using a tape recorder, Lucy confronts the Johnsons, hoping to get evidence.

Despite Mr. Johnson's insistence that the "oil stocks are as safe as U.S. government bonds," Lucy demands her money back. Mrs. Johnson: "Oh, give her back her nasty old money." Sam does and Lucy goes off to tell Ricky and the Mertzes that she has saved the day; not quite, moments later, Ken tells Fred about "some dopes who sold their stock back just before a gusher came in."

Special Notes: Sandra Gould would later play Gladys Kravitz in the 1964-1972 ABC series, "Bewitched."

Bloopers: At one point when Lucy is standing at her front door, Ethel comes walking by. However, Ethel comes from a point that would be outside the Ricardos' window. (And the hallway could not bend right next to the window, as we have seen at other times an outside ledge running for quite a ways parallel to the window, as in "Lucy Cries Wolf" and "Lucy Meets Superman".)

Episode #84
Season #3 (1953-54)

Aired: February 15, 1954
Filmed: January 14, 1954
Rating: 63.9/85

William Asher (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis Pugh (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Harry Chesire (Sam Johnson),
Sandra Gould (Nancy Johnson),
Ken Christy (Ken the Detective)