Lucy Wants New Furniture


Lucy Wants New Furniture

I Love Lucy

Without Ricky's permission, Lucy buys a new sofa and coffee table for $299, using the old furniture as a down payment. Until she can find the proper moment to break the news to him, she hides the new pieces in the kitchen, leaving the living room practically barren.

Denied the use of the kitchen, Lucy serves Ricky dinner in the living room. When she forgets the knives, salt, and butter (Lucy: "Butter or bread? I'll never get used to your Cuban dishes!"), and has to make repeated mad dashes through the Mertz apartment to retrieve the items from her own kitchen, Ricky gets suspicious and finally discovers the new furniture hidden in the kitchen.

Now Ricky intends to take the furniture to the club and keep it there until Lucy can pay for it out of her allowance, adding, "Cut down on some of your 'stravaganzas." But Lucy wants desperately to attend the Carrolls' party at the Tropicana on Saturday night for which she'll need a new dress and have to get her "hair dyed…done!"

She tries earnestly to make her own dress and give herself a home permanent. Unveiling the finished fashion, Lucy says proudly: "I made it with my own two hands." Ethel: "It looks like you made it with your own two feet!"

Her hair turns out no better, prompting Fred to exclaim, "Well, if it isn't Little Orphan Annie!" When Lucy sobs, Ricky gives in, he'll buy her a new dress, let her get her hair done, and bring home the furniture.

Special Notes: Lucy is dying to get new furniture in this episode as hers is so ratty, but only a few episodes earlier she won a whole house full of new furniture in the episode "Redecorating".

Bloopers: Ricky discovers that Lucy has hidden some new furniture in the kitchen, and corners her there to confront her about it. Her only escape is through the kitchen-to-living-room opening, and she has to climb down by stepping first on the desk, then on the chair to get to the floor. When the camera pulls back to a wide shot, four brackets can be seen holding the chair to the floor to avoid tipping and falling as Lucy, followed by Ricky, quickly exit the kitchen by this unusual route.

Episode #63
Season #2 (1952-53)

Aired: June 1, 1953
Filmed: May 1, 1953
Rating: 59.6/90

William Asher (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis Pugh (Writer)