Lucy Meets the Queen


Lucy Meets the Queen

I Love Lucy

In London, Ricky tries to explain the confusing British monetary system to Lucy, who has trouble even with dollars and cents. She reacts: "No wonder the people left here to go to America."

Sightseeing at Buckingham Palace, Lucy and Ethel encounter a smileless palace guard and decide to get him to break a time-honored tradition by making him laugh. Lucy: "did you hear about the book the dog psychiatrist wrote? ... Is Your Cocker Off his Rocker? ... Is Your Poodle Off His Noodle? ... Collie Off His Trolley?" Nothing works, the guard remains steadfastly stoic.

Lucy soon finds out that Ricky is to be presented to the Queen after his London Palladium performance. Knowing that only performers are allowed a royal audience, she desperately wants to be a part of the circus-themed revue.

Despite a cramp in her knee, caused by overpracticing her curtsies, Lucy does fine as a dancer, until a big leap in the finale results in severe charley horse. Unable to effect the required bow, Lucy must pass up her one and only change to meet the Queen.

Suddenly, Ricky rushes backstage and tells her that her Majesty wants to meet the girl who did the wonderful comedy dance routine.

Special Notes: Nancy Kulp, who plays the maid in this episode will appear in the 60's comedy as Ms. Jane Hathaway in "The Beverly Hillbillys". She also appeared in the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz film "Forever Darling" playing a maid.

Bloopers: If you look very closely during the scene where Lucy is trying to make the Welsh guard laugh, you can see the corners of his lips turning up slightly. This scene would later be copied verbatim in the special Ethel Merman on Broadway.

Episode #142
Season #5 (1955-56)

Aired: January 30, 1956
Filmed: December 15, 1955
Rating: 54.3/74

James V. Kern (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Pugh Davis (Writer),
Bob Schiller (Writer),
Bob Weiskopf (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Sam Edwards (Bellboy),
Robert Shafter (Man on Street),
Nancy Kulp (Maid),
Betty Schott (Dancer),
Patti Nestor (Dancer)