The Star Upstairs


The Star Upstairs

I Love Lucy

Cornel Wilde becomes the one hundredth movie star Lucy has seen in Hollywood when she learns he is occupying the penthouse directly above the Ricardo suite.

Determined to gain a glimpse of the handsome actor, Lucy first disguises herself as Bobby the bellboy, then hides under the star's luncheon cart to gain entry into Wilde's suite. Things go smoothly until she's locked out on Cornel's terrace and must make her way down the side of the building using a few blankets as rope.

As Ethel looks on horrified, Ricky enters, demainding to know Lucy's whereabouts. Ethel: "She's hanging around the hotel."

Special Notes: Van Johnson was originally set to play in this episode as the star but at the last minute had to drop out because of "sponsor conflict." Apparently, he was a spokesman for Lucky Strike cigarettes.

Bloopers: A close-up shot of Lucy and Ethel reveals that the backdrop of Hollywood outside their suite at "The Beverly Palms Hotel" is only a still photograph since there is no traffic, except for a single truck in the middle of the street which is not moving. Also, flags are not waving, although they are completely unfurled.

Episode #122
Season #4 (1954-55)

Aired: April 18, 1955
Filmed: March 3, 1955
Rating: 47.5/67

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

William Asher (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis Pugh (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Cornel Wilde (Himself),
Robert Jellison (Bobby)