Don Juan and the Starlets


Don Juan and the Starlets

I Love Lucy

Lucy becomes jealous when four gorgeous starlets arrive at the hotel to pose for publicity photos with Ricky. Naturally, she connives to be included in the shots, but studio representative Ross Elliott explains: "Mrs. Ricardo, if you stand there, you'll be in the picture."

Why shouldn't Lucy be in the picture? Elliott: "Don Juan is all about love; it has nothing to do with marriage." Lucy is further upset when Ricky goes off to his first Hollywood premiere without her and on the arms of the four beautiful girls. She decides to wait up for her gallivanting husband, but instead falls asleep on the sofa, not waking until late the next morning.

When she finds Ricky's bed apparently unused, she jumps to the conclusion that he spent the night out with the starlets. What really happened is that he did return home, but had to leave early the next morning for a "call" at M-G-M, and the maid made up his bed without Lucy's knowledge.

Trying to be helpful, Fred covers for Ricky, saying he slept in their hotel room, but the fib doesn't hold water. Lucy is ready to ask for a divorce since Ricky's explanation of the mixup falls on deaf ears. Finally, the hotel chambermaid clears up the confusion when she admits to having made up Ricky's bed.

Episode #115
Season #4 (1954-55)

Aired: February 14, 1955
Filmed: December 9, 1954
Rating: 51.3/67

William Asher (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis Pugh (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Ross Elliott (Himself),
Dolores Donlon (Starlet),
Beverly E. Thompson (Starlet),
Shirlee Tigge (Starlet),
Maggie Magennis (Starlet),
Iva Shepard (Maid)