L.A. at Last!


L.A. at Last!

I Love Lucy

Upon their arrival in Hollywood, the Ricardos and Mertzes check into the Beverly Palms Hotel (rooms 315 and 317, respectively) and meet their bubbly bellboy Bobby. Ricky goes off to M-G-M, leaving Lucy and the Mertzes to hunt movie stars. Lucy: "I wonder if there's any place where they gather in a big herd?" They find out it is Hollywood's famed Brown Derby restaurant.

Seated at a circular booth surrounded by caricatures of celebrities, the three tourists spy movie star William Holden in the adjoining booth. Lucy creates quite a ruckus as she stares at the star who, in turn, teaches her a lesson by staring back. Embarrassed and feeling ill at ease, Lucy hastily leaves the popular bistro, but not before causing an entire tray of desserts to splatter on Holden.

Coincidentally, Ricky encounters the star later that day at M-G-M's Culver City studios, in the office of executive Bill Sherman. Holden offers to drive Ricky to his hotel and, as a favor, meet his wife, Lucy, "a fan."

When Ricky arrives with Holden in tow, Lucy is in the bedroom. Obviously, she is not thrilled when Ricky informs her that "one of the biggest stars in the motion picture business" is waiting to meet her. Forced into begin polite, Lucy disguises herself with frumpy glasses, a kerchief, and a long putty nose to "meet" the famous celebrity.

During the encounter, Lucy's pliable nose grows to Pinocchio proportions, prompting her to crack: "this California sun sure makes your skin soft!"

When Holden offers to light her cigarette, he accidentally sets her fake nose ablaze. Lucy nonchalantly extinguishes her flaming nose in a nearby cup of coffee, just before Holden recognizes her. Much to Lucy's surprise and delight, Holden turns out to be a good sport. He doesn't let on to Ricky what transpired earlier at the Derby.

Special Notes: The putty nose routine is Lucille Ball's favorite comedy bit. The script received an Emmy nomination the following year, Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Davis, Bob Carroll Jr., Bob Schiller and Bob Weiskopf were nominated for the 1956 Emmy Award for "Best Comedy Writing" for this episode.The dessert that was dumped on Holden was actually applesauce "pie". The hotel front that was used for The Beverly Palms still exists. It is the Avalon Beverly Hills on Canon and Olympic in Beverly Hills. The front looks a little different but the rest is the same (on the outside). The view from their room is a shot of downtown LA from the roof of the Hollywood Desilu Studios.

Bloopers: After Lucy knocks the dessert tray onto William Holden, a cameraman can be seen in the right edge of the scene.

Episode #114
Season #4 (1954-55)

Aired: February 7, 1955
Filmed: December 2, 1954
Rating: 49.9/63

William Asher (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis Pugh (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Robert D. Jellison (Bobby the Bellboy),
Harry Bartell (Headwaiter),
William Holden (Himself),
Eve Arden (Herself),
Dayton Lummis (Bill Sherman),
Dani Sue Nolan (Mr. Sherman's Secretary),
Alan Ray (Waiter)