Be a Pal


Be a Pal

I Love Lucy

Lucy thinks Ricky is losing interest in her. Ethel suggest the book of the week selection by Dr. Humphrey's, How to Keep the Honeymoon from Ending. Chapter One suggests that the wife dress up for breakfast. But even with Lucy in her most profound feminine attire, Ricky barely looks up from his newspaper.

Chapter Two-The Be a Pal System - prompts Lucy to join Ricky, Fred, Hand, and Charlie in a poker game. She beats them badly, which only serves to stimulate the marital discord.

Chapter Three proposes that the wife surround the husband with things that remind him of his childhood. Naturally, Lucy takes the suggestion a step too far, decorating the apartment like Cuba, with palm trees, sombreros, a flock of chickens, and even a mule. A funny sequence finds Lucy lip-syncing to a Carmen Miranda record, moments before Ricky confirms his eternal love for Lucy with a finale kiss.

Special Notes: Lucille Ball asked Carman Miranda for permission to impersonate her before filming the comedy routine. This episode is based on lucy's radio show, My Favorite Husband, Episode #93 ("Be a Pal").

Bloopers: When Lucy and the guys play poker, you can hear a crew member cough very clearly.

Episode #2
Season #1 (1951-52)

Aired: October 22, 1951
Filmed: September 21, 1951
Rating: 40.3/60

Mama Yo Quiero

Marc Daniels (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis Pugh (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Richard J. Reeves (Hank)
Tony Michaels (Charlie)