The Girls want to go to a Nightclub


The Girls want to go
to a Nightclub

I Love Lucy

It's the Mertzes' eighteenth wedding anniversary, and Ethel wants to celebrate by going to the Copacabana, while Fred itches to attend the fights. An argument ensues, culminating with Ethel and Lucy informing Fred and Ricky that they'll go nightclubbing without them - with dates!

Admitting to themselves that perhaps they were too hasty, the men decide to sneak into the Copa with dates of their own, just to keep an eye on their wives. Ricky calls his friend Ginny Jones, a singer at the Starlight Roof, and asks her to arrange dates for Fred and himself, and Lucy, very soon thereafter, calls her to arrange dates for her and Ethel.

When Ginny spills the boys' plans to Lucy, Lucy decides that she and Ethel will impersonate their husbands' blind dates. Dressed as country bumpkins, Lucy and Ethel arrive at the Ricardo apartment. After Ricky sings a chorus of 'Guadalajara', some funny hillbilly shtick unfolds, until Lucy gives herself away by reaching for some cigarettes hidden in a desk drawer. All is forgiven, and the two couples kiss and make up. In the tag, the men prevail and it's a night at the fights for an anniversary celebration.

Special Notes: This was not the initial regular series episode filmed, but was aired first because of the hilarious scene set in the Ricardos’ apartment near the end.

Episode #1
Season #1 (1951-52)

Aired: October 15, 1951
Filmed: September 15, 1951
Rating: 38.7/56


Marc Daniels (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis Pugh (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Tony Terran (himself, Trumpet Player)