Lucy's Replacement


Lucy's Replacement

Here's Lucy

Harry installs a new computer in the office, and fires Lucy as being obsolete to his business. She gets another job working in the stenographer pool of an insurance company. Lucy is miserable and wants her old job back.

Lucy and Kim scheme to make the computer obsolete to get Lucy her job back. Lucy has a friend of Kim's sabotage the electronic brain in Harry's office.

Meanwhile, Harry misses Lucy and wishes she would come back. The episode ends with one of the few touching moments of the series between Lucy & Harry as he welcomes Lucy back.

Special Notes: Lucille wears a new wig with a bun that is very reminiscent of her old I Love Lucy look. It does make her look younger and more feminine but she never wears it again. Phil Vandervort, who plays Kim's brainy friend, is Lucille Ball's son-in-law, but not for very long.

Episode #91
Season #4 (1971-72)

Aired: January 17, 1972

Coby Ruskin (Director),
Fred S. Fox (Writer),
Seaman Jacobs (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
R.G. Brown (Office Manager),
Phil Vandervort (Joe Hackley)