Lucy and the Little Old Lady


Lucy and the Little Old Lady

(featuring Helen Hayes)

Here's Lucy

When a little old Irish lady arrives at the employment agency, stranded with no money and looking for a job because she has nowhere to go Lucy takes her in at her house to help out. The lady, Mrs. Brady, sells her property in Ireland to Uncle Harry for some money.

Kim thinks she has swindled him and tells Lucy and Harry about a similar sounding scam. As a result, Lucy and Harry scheme to get his money back with a phony séance. They dress up as Napoleon and Josephine to convince her to refund Harry his money. 

Special Notes: Broadway legend Helen Hayes had been appearing in a play in Washington, D.C. and got very ill. The doctors told her that she was allergic to all the backstage dust, and in effect, could no longer work on the stage. Lucille's offer for this role came along at the perfect time. Television gave her a new direction, and prolonged her career for many years.

Episode #89
Season #4 (1971-72)

Aired: January 3, 1972

Coby Ruskin (Director),
Fred S. Fox (Writer),
Seaman Jacobs (Writer)

Guest Star:
Helen Hayes (Mrs. Kathleen Brady)

Supporting Cast:
Hank Brandt (Det. John Muldoon)