Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage


Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage

(featuring Mike Conners)

Here's Lucy

Using binoculars, Lucy inadvertently sees bank robbers counting money in a building across the street. The criminals spot her. The next day, before Lucy comes into work, the crooks force Harry to tell them where Lucy lives (4863 Valley Lawn Drive). Harry spills his guts and the hoodlums lock him in the closet.

After Harry is freed, he first calls Lucy and tells her what happened and she should leave home. Fearful the crooks will harm Lucy, Harry hires private investigator Joe Mannix (Mike Conners' character on his hit series Mannix) to protect her.

Unfortunately, when Joe arrives at Lucy's house, she thinks Mannix is one of the robbers and knocks him out with a vase. When Mannix recovers, the real robbers appear on the scene and kidnap Lucy and Mannix to get rid of them. Mannix will need Lucy's help to escape and capture the crooks.

Special Notes: Mannix (1967-75) was originally produced by Desilu, the television production studio that, at the time, was owned by Lucille Ball. Other programs produced by Desilu were Star Trek (1966-69), and Mission Impossible (1966-73). All were slated for cancellation, but remained on the schedule because Lucille believed in them and pushed the networks to keep them on the air.

Episode #76
Season #4 (1971-72)

Aired: October 4, 1971

Coby Ruskin (Director),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis (Writer)

Guest Star:
Mike Connors (Joe Mannix)

Supporting Cast:
Mary Jane Croft (Mary Jane),
Marc Lawrence (Ruby),
John Doucette (Vernon),
Robert Foulk (Policeman),
Vince Howard (Policeman)