Lucy Goes Hawaiian, Part 1


Lucy Goes Hawaiian, Part 1

(featuring Vivian Vance)

Here's Lucy

Harry books himself as the cruise director for a luxury liner on a Hawaiian holidy, and brings Lucy along as his assistant so she will do all the work. Lucy convinces Harry to pay for Kim and Craig to come along too.

To Lucy's surprise, her old friend Vivian is also on board the ship. Viv and Lucy are overcome by the handsome captain and compete for his attention. Harry ends up falling overboard and Viv follows right after him.

Special Notes: Lucy's missing the ship and her unconventional boarding is similar to the I Love Lucy episode #140, "Bon Voyage". This is the first of a two-part episode. Originally, the shows are to be filmed on location aboard the ship, the Lurline, and in Hawaii. When costs were to prohibitive, Lucille has a three-quarter scale model of the ship built at the Paramount lot. It is the second largest ship built at the studio. This episode takes up three sound stages for the two-part show.

Episode #71
Season #3 (1970-71)

Aired: February 15, 1971

Jack Donohue (Director),
Milt Josefsberg (Writer),
Al Schwartz (Writer),
Ray Singer (Writer)

Guest Star:
Vivian Vance (Vivian Jones)

Supporting Cast:
Robert Alda (Captain McClay),
Jeanne Byron (Mrs. McClay),
Anita Mann (Wendy),
Maurice Kelly (Sailor)