Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price


Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price

(featuring Vincent Price)

Here's Lucy

Lucy goes to an auction and somehow winds up winning the bid for a vintage oil painting for $50. She believes it to be valuable but everyone tells her it is worthless. So Lucy goes to the home of a former client and well-known art connoisseur, Vincent Price, to get it appraised.

Unknown to Lucy, Price has remodeled a part of his home as a mad scientist set for his upcoming movie. Price mistakes Lucy for an actress in his new horror movie and proceeds to rehearse a scene for his latest victim in his newly created evil laboratory.

In the end, Price strips the painting to reveal a "No Ball Playing Allowed" sign underneath, and makes Harry buy it.

Special Notes: Cut out of the syndicated version of this episode is the entire scene with Kim and Craig fretting over their mother's visit to Price's home.

Episode #57
Season #3 (1970-71)

Aired: November 9, 1970

Herbert Kenwith (Director),
Martin A. Ragaway (Writer)

Guest Star:
Vincent Price (Himself)

Supporting Cast:
Mary Jane Croft (Mary Jane),
Tol Avery (Auctioneer),
Jack Collins (Curt)