Lucy and Liberace


Lucy and Liberace

(featuring Liberace)

Here's Lucy

Craig needs a candelabra as an object for his club initiation scavenger hunt, and so he pays a visit to Liberace to ask him if he may borrow one. Liberace is more than happy to lend one to Craig.

Upon discovering the expensive candelabra, Lucy finds Liberace's name engraved on it. She is convinced that Craig has stolen it and feels obliged to return it to the famous pianist before he realizes it is gone.

Harry and Lucy try to safely return it to Liberace's house and the whole family ends up in a song and dance with Liberace singing "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" and "I'll Be Seeing You".

Special Notes: Liberace brings $50,000 worth of his spectacular wardrobe to the set, and Lucille hires a round-the-clock security guard to ensure its safety. The Edwardian tuxedo jacket that lights up in the dark is debuted on this show; Liberace will use it in his club act for the rest of his life.

Episode #40
Season #2 (1969-70)

Aired: January 5, 1970

Jack Baker (Director),
Fred S. Fox (Writer),
Seaman Jacobs (Writer)

Guest Star:
Liberace (Himself)

Supporting Cast:
Paul Winchell (Carlo, The Tailor),
Ben Wrigley (Williams)