Lucy and the Bogie Affair


Lucy and the Bogie Affair

(featuring Jack LaLanne)

Here's Lucy

One stormy night, Kim and Craig bring home a stray sheep dog whom Kim names Bogie, because he looks just like Humphrey Bogart did in Casablanca.

In the morning Bogie has given birth to nine puppies in their kitchen. They now have to find homes for all of the pups. Lucy tries giving one to Jack LaLane but winds up getting another puppy instead.

Harry finds out that there is a want-ad offering a reward for the lost sheep dog, now he has a money-making scheme on his mind instead and they have to get all the puppies back.

Special Notes: Actor Steve March is the son of Mel Torme and the adopted son of the Arnaz family's friend, Hal March. The sheep dog, Lord Nelson, is making his fourth appearance with Lucille.

Episode #37
Season #2 (1969-70)

Aired: December 15, 1969

Herbert Kenwith (Director),
Pat McCormick (Writer),
Jim McGinn (Writer)

Guest Star:
Jack LaLanne (Himself)

Supporting Cast:
Sherry Alberoni (Candy),
Irwin Charone (Mr. Farnsworth),
Steve March (Steve),
Eugene Molnar (Cameraman),
Debbie Westcott (Debbie),
Lord Nelson (Bogie)