Lucy and the Indian Chief


Lucy and the Indian Chief

Here's Lucy

Driving through Arizona on their way back to California from Colorado, Lucy stops at a quiet pool to drink some water where she meets an old Native American. Following him back to his Navajo abode, she accepts a piece of jewelry.

Lucy winds up getting married to the aging Indian Chief who gives her the state of Utah as a wedding present! Lucy was very impressed with Utah, but decides that she should get a divorce, with Harry's help.

Special Notes: This is part three of the four-part opening for this season. The production company decides to use authentic Navajos rather than bring in extras from Hollywood. They meet with the Navajo Nation Council, which approves. The Navajos insist on authenticity, so the door to the Chief's abode must be moved from North to South as is their custom. The carpenters comply so that the Navajos will continue to work with them. The Nation Council approves of the reversal of the direction of a sacred ceremonial dance, but only after Lucille convinces a disapproving Medicine Man that it not only will not bring them bad luck but would look better on TV.

Episode #27
Season #2 (1969-70)

Aired: October 6, 1969

George Marshall (Director),
Gene Thompson (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Paul Fix (Indian Chief),
Mickey Manners (Indian Guide),
Iron Eyes Cody (Medicine Man)