Lucy Goes to the Air Force Academy, Part 1


Lucy Goes to the
Air Force Academy, Part 1

Here's Lucy

Harry is hired to drive a motor home from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and foolishly agrees to take Lucy and the kids along for the ride. Lucy takes over driving so Harry can take a nap, and decides on a side venture to Colorado to visit the Air Force Academy for her son Craig after he graduates.

Lucy accidentally gets left behind at the Airforce Academy. From there, Lucy desperately wants Craig to be admitted into the Academy and will go to all lengths to get her son enrolled.

Special Notes: This episode is the first of a four-part on-location story sequence due to the success of location filming during the first season. Created with the cooperation of the Air Force and the states of Colorado and Arizona, practically the entire Air Force Academy appears as extras. Filming was done right in the dormitories and administrative buildings. The Air Force viewed this as an excellent opportunity as a "TV Commercial" at a time when the public is very down on the military due to its involvement in the Vietnam War.

The scene where Lucy is dragged by a floor polisher through the hallways of one of the buildings is accomplished by Lucille without a stunt double. A special dolly is placed under her body to glide her along, and the film was sped up so she appears to be moving much faster than she actually was.

Bloopers: The wire pulling the "runaway" floor waxer across the floor can be clearly seen in one shot.

Episode #25
Season #2 (1969-70)

Aired: September 22, 1969

George Marshall (Director),
Gene Thompson (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Roy Roberts (Academy Superintendant),
Frank Marth (Registrar)