Lucy and Carol Burnett


Lucy and Carol Burnett

(featuring Carol Burnett)

Here's Lucy

Kim and Craig's school, Angeles High School needs money for a gymnasium, and the assembly that the students are staging to raise money to build one could use a star.

Lucy suggests getting Carol Burnett to appear. They go to a taping of her show, and during the question and answer session, Lucy persuades Carol to do the benefit.

Special Notes: Most of this episode is the musical show put on as a fundraiser. Lucy's singing is dubbed by Carole Cooke, and everyone's singing is prerecorded. This is the first opportunity for Lucie and Desi to display their singing and dancing talents on the series. Lucie especially shows a flare for the presentational, Broadway style of performing. Carol Burnett makes several appearances on this series throughout the years; and all episodes are entitled "Lucy and Carol Burnett" although this is episode is also known as "Lucy and the New School Gym".

Episode #17
Season #1 (1968-69)

Aired: January 27, 1969

Jack Donohue (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)

Guest Star:
Carol Burnett (Herself)

Supporting Cast:
Pearl Shear (First Woman),
Carole Cook (Second Woman),
Sean Morgan (Young Man),
John Lindesmith (Serviceman),
Laura Gile (Housewife),
Virginia Hawkins (Lady),
Jerry Rush (Man)