Lucy and the Ex-Con


Lucy and the Ex-Con

(featuring Wally Cox)

Here's Lucy

Lucy feels sorry for ex-safecracker Rocky Smith who appies for a job, so she tries to help him get a new start at life and falsifies his application to win him a job as a security guard. When the establishment at which he is working is robbed, the blame falls on him and on Lucy.

Rocky has an idea who actually did commit the robberty, so he and Lucy disguise themselves as little old ladies to capture the real culprits. They get into a very sticky situation but are able to prove Rocky's innocence and keep his job.

Special Notes: Wally Cox will be a frequent guest on this series, appearing three other times, always playing some sort of variation on his famous lead role in TV's Mr. Peepers (1952-55). He was also a regular on Hollywood Squares. Bruce Gordon played gangster Frank Nitti on the Desilu series the Untouchables.

Episode #15
Season #1 (1968-69)

Aired: January 13, 1969

Jack Donohue (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)

Guest Star:
Wally Cox (Rocky Smith)

Supporting Cast:
Bruce Gordon (Doc Morgan),
Irving Benson (Irving),
Howard (Policeman),
Larry J. Blake (Policeman)