Lucy and Donny Osmond


Lucy and Donny Osmond

(featuring Donny Osmond)

Here's Lucy

Lucy, Kim and her 12 year old cousin, Patricia, attend a Donny Osmond nightclub show. Patricia is crazy for Donny but he spots Kim in the audience, and falls in love at first sight. Kim asks him for his autograph after his show and if he would attend a charity benefit.

Donny misunderstands Kim's interest in getting his autograph for Patricia, and develops a mad crush on her which Kim is forced to deal confront. Donny sends Kim flowers but Kim believes the flowers and letter are for Patricia, but soon discovers the mix-up.

Realizing Donny volunteered to perform at Kim's Charity function because of the mix-up, Kim feels obligated to set the record straight.

Special Notes: Eve Plumb is much more recognizable to television fans as Jan Brady on The Brady Bunch (1969-74). Donny Osmond really did have a crush on Lucie Arnaz during this time, much like the one in the episode.

Episode #107
Season #5 (1972-73)

Aired: November 20, 1972

Coby Ruskin (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)

Guest Star:
Donny Osmond (Himself)

Supporting Cast:
Eve Plumb (Patricia Carter),
Jack Manning (Mr. Walters),
Milton Frome (Henry, the Waiter),
Ivor Barry (French Chef)