Lucy and the Old Mansion


Lucy and the Old Mansion

(featuring Ann Sothern)

The Lucy Show

Viv returns home just in time to help the Countess with a problem. The Countess' European friends are arriving and she doesn't want her foreign visitors to know she's broke. Lucy helps Rosie borrow a dilapidated mansion from the bank as a front and and gets Vivian to help her do a quick fix-up on the place.

It is in drastic need of repairs, and the three girls paint, wallpaper, reupholster, and fix the place so it looks presentable. The Countess' friends arrive, she hosts a party for her guests, but the ladies' temporary improvements and all the handiwork begin to fall apart.

Special Notes: This episode is a good example of the changing focus of the show. This was the last episode filmed for the 1964-65 season, and the last episode filmed featuring Vivian as a regular cast member.¬†Lucy and Vivian are having problems and tensions are high as Vivian is getting ready to leave the show. Lucy's two children both appear in their final episode together, and Viv's son his last appearance. Only Lucy's son, Jerry, will make it to Season 4, then only in a few episodes. Candy Moore, Lucy's daughter on the show, was completely written out by this time and never appeared again.

Episode #80
Season #3 (1964-65)

Aired: March 1, 1965

Jack Donohue (Director),
Ray Singer (Writer),
Dick Chevillat (Writer)

Guest Star:
Ann Sothern (Rosie Harrigan AKA Countess Framboise)

Supporting Cast:
Lester Matthews (Lord Van Cleve),
Maida Severn (Lady Van Cleve)