Lucy and the Missing Stamp


Lucy and the Missing Stamp

The Lucy Show

Lucy, a floundering vacuum cleaner salesperson, accidentally vacuums up a rare stamp of Mr. Mooney's worth $3,000 while trying to sell him a vacuum cleaner. She realizes she has left the stamp at her next stop, when she emptied the dirt bag.

The stamp was taken by the lady of the house and used, and now Lucy must get it back before the stamp is canceled at the post office. When it winds up on an envelope dropped into street mailbox, Lucy tries to fish it out and gets stuck. Her last resort is to infiltrate the post office and snatch the letter before it gets postmarked.

Special Notes: The brand name of the vacuum cleaner Lucy and Viv try and sell is "Handy Dandy". This is the same brand of vacuum Sheldon Leonard sold to Lucy Ricardo in an episode #52 of I Love Lucy titled "Sales Resistance" (1953). The close-up of Lucille Ball tied up in a mail bag, seen at the very end of this episode, is used in the kaleidoscope introduction sequence which opens the show beginning with season 4.

Episode #72
Season #3 (1964-65)

Aired: December 21, 1964

Jack Donohue (Director),
Ray Singer (Writer),
Dick Chevillat (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Mabel Albertson (Mrs. White),
Nestor Paiva (Perkins),
Herb Vigran (Postman),
Robert S. Carson (Bennett),
Flip Mark (Junior White),
Karl Lukas (Mail Sorter),
Sid Gould (Mail Clerk)