Lucy Enters a Baking Contest


Lucy Enters a Baking Contest

The Lucy Show

Lucy's tired of the incessant jokes about her lousy cooking by Vivian and the bridge club ladies. To prove them all wrong, Lucy enters a pie-baking contest, intending to defeat perennial winner Viv.

Lucy's incompetence in the kitchen is on full display for the whole town to see. Lucy tries to out-do Viv and one after another, the contestants switch their entries in the contest to gain the advantage, which only leads to a pie fight.

Special Notes: This is the final Lucy Show written by original writers Bob Carroll Jr. and Madelyn Martin (Davis). Lucille Ball had a difference of opinion with the writers, which lead them to believe they were fired. Feeling betrayed, they will not write for Lucy again until 1971, at the beginning of the fourth season of Here's Lucy. This episode is the final appearance of Mary Jane Croft as Audrey Simmons. She would later have a recurring role as Mary Jane Lewis later in season 4, starting with episode #86, "Lucy and the Golden Creek". This is also the final appearance of Carole Cook as Thelma Green.

Episode #58
Season #2 (1963-64)

Aired: April 27, 1964

Jack Donohue (Director),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Gale Gordon (Theodore J. Mooney),
Mary Jane Croft (Audrey Simmons),
Kathleen Freeman (Kathleen),
Carole Cook (Thelma Green),
Dorothy Konrad (Mrs. Hutton)