Lucy and Viv Reminisce


Lucy and Viv Reminisce

(featuring Vivian Vance)

The Lucy Show

Lucy breaks her leg by falling out of bed after a romantic dream. Mr. Mooney arranges for her old pal Vivian Bunson to come out west and take care of her.

They reminisce about their lives together until lunchtime. The two chat about old adventures, leading to a clips from earlier episodes including installing a TV antenna, using stilts to get into bunk beds, and getting trapped in the rapidly-filling shower.

Viv goes to make lunch, and falls and breaks her leg, too. Now Mr. Mooney is forced to play nurse to the both of them and the gals talk about how much they mean to each other.

Special Notes: This is the second of three times that Lucille trots out old clips and builds a show around them. It is already known The Lucy Show is coming to an end, and Lucille wants a sentimental look-back at the show's six years. She doesn't want to do a final episode, because the show is about to be rerun on CBS on weekday mornings (replacing I Love Lucy, which is going into syndication). Lucille feels a final episode would hurt the show later in reruns.

It is then decided to involve Vivian, and to limit the clips to those involving the two of them. Vivian thinks it would be a good idea to do a retrospective of all their bits together, going back to 1951. Lucille immediately nixes the suggestion. It is still difficult for her to deal with the Desi years. All but one of the clips are from the first season of The Lucy Show.

Wraparound scenes are filmed to introduce and conclude the clips. These are filmed to introduce and conclude the clips. These are done in one day, without a live studio audience. Vivian is often a whip with a quip, and isn't intimidated by Lucille. At one point, when the Lucy character says, "I've always had a sensible reason for doing things," Viv jokes back, "Sensible? Sensible my ass!"

Episode #147
Season #6 (1967-68)

Aired: January 1, 1968

Jack Donohue (Director),
Milt Josefsberg (Writer),
Bob O'Brien (Executive Writer)

Guest Star:
Vivian Vance (Vivian Bunson)