Lucy Goes to a Hollywood Premiere


Lucy Goes to a
Hollywood Premiere

The Lucy Show

Yet another apartment neighbor, Mrs. Foley, has to move back east, so Lucy takes over her "maps to the movie stars' home" stand to be a real part of show business. When the neighbor's son drops off his theatre usher's uniform for Lucy to return for him, she wears it herself and attends her first Hollywood premiere.

As the stars arrive, she disrupts proceedings on the red carpet by fawning over the celebrities and getting into a fight with a gorilla. Look for cameos from Kirk Douglas, Jimmy Durante, Edward G. Robinson, Vince Edwards, and the "Mayor of Hollywood" Johnny Grant.

Special Notes: In addition to the listed celebrities playing themselves, the dialogue mentions Elizabeth Taylor, Rin Tin Tin, Doris Day, Jack Lemmon, Rock Hudson, Carole Lombard, Jimmy Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Elvis Pressley, Lawrence Welk, Steven McQueen, and Lyndon Baines Johnson. The fake stars, mixed among the real ones, are movie heartthrob Road Block, film composer Dimitri Orloff, and, from the movie Love in the Jungle, sex symbol Mimi Van Tysen and her co-star Coconuts Mulligan, a gorilla (actually George Barrows in his gorilla suit).

Episode #104
Season #4 (1965-66)

Aired: February 7, 1966

Maury Thompson (Director),
Edmund Beloin (Writer),
Henry Garson (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Reta Shaw (Mrs. Foley),
Flip Mark (Kid),
Eva Pearson (Old Lady),
Robert Foulk (Collins),
Ken Delo (Tom),
Sid Gould (Dimitri),
Bennett Green (Albertini),
Beverly Powers (Mimi Van Tysen),
George Barrows (Gorilla),
Morgan Justin (Road Block)