Ricky's Life Story


Ricky's Life Story

I Love Lucy

When Life magazine prints a story about Ricky but features only a picture of Lucy's left elbow, she replys in typical style: "Just think … when Little Ricky goes to school and some of his playmates ask who his parents are, just what is he going to say? 'My father is Ricky Ricardo, the internationally known entertainer and then there's my mother, whose name escapes me.'"

Lucy still yearns for a show business career. Fred advises Ricky to teach Lucy a lesson by showing her "how hard show business really is." They concoct a bogus performing job for Lucy, a "challenge dance" routine for which she rehearses six hours a day for three days.

Saddled with all the difficult dance steps, Lucy poops out, but on her way home overhears a stage hand mention that they "still need a girl for the balcony scene." Ricky relents after Lucy promises never to ask again, but matters take a turn when Lucy discovers that Ricky has tricked her.

To teach him a lesson, she decides to "upstage" him during his "Lady of Spain" number. The audience loves Lucy's flying antics, but Ricky thinks the applause is meant for him. He does an encore, then another number, and, finally, after spying Lucy, a rousing rendition of his signature tune, "Babalu," with Lucy as the conga drum.

Special Notes: Life magazine of April 6, 1953, featured a cover story about the Arnazes titled "TVs First Family," printing a picture of Lucie and Desi IV.

Bloopers: In the photo of Lucy holding the baby, L B is stenciled on the dress. In the "Spanish number" on the last note of the song "Lady of Spain", the camera cuts to a shot of Lucy, and there is an American flag next to the doorway on the balcony set. No flag has been seen until this moment. The flag then remains through the next song and to the end of the scene. The scene itself gives no reason for an American flag to be displayed. The songs are not patriotic in any way; in fact, the balcony setting and first song are culturally Spanish.

Episode #67
Season #3 (1953-54)

Aired: October 5, 1953
Filmed: May 15, 1953
Rating: 62.6/85

Lady of Spain,
The Loveliest Night of the Year,

William Asher (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis Pugh (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Louis A. Nicoletti (Dance Teacher)