Lucy Gets Chummy with the Neighbors


Lucy Gets Chummy
with the Neighbors

I Love Lucy

When Lucy determines that her old furniture doesn't quite fit into its new setting, she asks Ricky if she can replace it. He says she can, but allows her to spend only $500.

New neighbor Betty Ramsey informs Lucy that she can get a 40 percent discount at Mr. Perry's furniture store. There, Lucy buys new sofas, new chairs, new lamps, new tables, new everything, to the shocking tune of $3,272.75.

Lucy is so afraid of Ricky's Cuban temper that she phones the Mertzes in New York and pleads with them to take the first train to Westport to protect her from the furniture mishap. Sure enough, when Ricky returns from New York and sees the overabundance of new furniture, he hits the ceiling, then demands that she return all but $500 worth.

When Lucy tries to make an excuse for not wanting the new items (she says she'd prefer Chinese Modern), Betty Ramsey, who selected them, becomes insulted.

Ricky decides to solve the problem himself by having a man-to-man talk with Betty's husband, Ralph, At first, Ralph flatters Ricky by offering him a TV gig. This, of course, makes Ricky's task a little more difficult. When he winds up giving Ramsey the impression that Mrs. Ramsey's taste in furniture leaves something to be desired, the new neighbor is ruffled. Ramsey: "Forget about the TV show. We'll get Cugat!"

The Mertzes enter, who then break up the unneighborly feud by explaining to the Ramseys that the Ricardos simply cannot afford the new furnishings. The Ramseys understand, and Ralph offers Ricky that TV job again, which will pay $3,500, just enough to pay for Lucy's extravagance.

Special Notes: This was the first appearance of Frank Nelson and Mary Jane Croft as the Ramseys. Both performers had appeared previously on "Lucy." Their names, Betty and Ralph Ramsey, were taken from the real life neighbors of writer Bob Weiskopf when he lived in Westport, Connecticut. The new furniture that appeared in this and subsequent Connecticut-based shows (both "I Love Lucy" and "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour") was a gift to Desilu from the manufacturer. Everyone tried to get their stuff used on the show because it was so popular. It was Desi's idea to use two sofas back-to-back, because of the fireplace.

Episode #171
Season #6 (1956-57)

Aired: February 18, 1957
Filmed: January 10, 1957
Rating: 38.0/49

William Asher (Director),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis (Writer),
Bob Schiller (Writer),
Bob Weiskopf (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Keith Thibodeaux (Little Ricky),
Frank Nelson (Ralph Ramsey),
Mary Jane Croft (Betty Ramsey),
Ray Ferrell (Bruce Ramsey),
Parley Baer (Mr. Perry)