Lucy Wants to Move to the Country


Lucy Wants to Move to the Country

I Love Lucy

Fed up with the dirty city, Lucy wants the fresh air and sunshine of suburban life for her family. To exaggerate her case, she moves all the living room furniture together to give the apartment a cramped appearance and sprinkles talcum powder on the matel to simulate dust. She even powders her face to accentuate her city pallor.

Ricky takes the Mertzes into his confidence and breaks the news that he has already put down a deposit of five hundred dollars on a house in Connecticut, as a sixteenth wedding anniversary surprise for his wife.

When Lucy sees Ethel's eyes filling with tears, the news is spilled. Now Lucy never wants to move away from the Mertzes. Amid the tears and turmoil, Ricky attempts to get back his deposit, but the money will be returned only if the owners find the buyers unsuitable.

Lucy and the Mertzes hatch a scheme, guaranteed to yield the five hundred dollars. They arrive at the Westport, Connecticut, home of Joe and Elanor Spaulding dressed as gangsters. Lucy plays a brash gum-chewing, purse-slinging gun-moll type; Fred looks like a fugitive from the senior citizens' chapter of the Hell's Angels; and Ethel resembles the madam at a discount bordello.

Ricky enters, unaware of what is going on. He tries to explain to the Spauldings that his wife and friends have only good intentions in mind. Reluctantly, the homeowners return Ricky's deposit. But as Lucy takes a closer look at the warm, homey surroundings, she changes her mind about staying in the city, and the Ricardos become the proud owners of a home in the suburbs.

Special Notes: The decision to move the Ricardos to Westport CT was that of series writer, Bob Weiskopf, who was a Westport resident. Eleanor Audley, who plays Mrs. Eleanor Spaulding, owner of the house in Westport, CT that the Ricardos are purchasing, has worked with Lucille Ball prior to this episode: she portrayed Mother Cooper, Liz (Lucille Ball's) domineering, smothering mother-in-law on the radio show "My Favorite Husband."

Bloopers: While Lucy tries to convince Ricky how dirty city living is, several spots of dirt suddenly appear on Ricky's suit coat, near his right shoulder. Moments later, just before the Mertzes arrive, the spots are gone.

Episode #168
Season #6 (1956-57)

Aired: January 28, 1957
Filmed: December 6, 1956
Rating: 42.1/56

William Asher (Director),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis (Writer),
Bob Schiller (Writer),
Bob Weiskopf (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Frank Wilcox (Joe Spaulding),
Eleanor Audley (Eleanor Spaulding)