Lucy Meets Orson Welles


Lucy Meets Orson Welles

I Love Lucy

Lucy is denied a vacation to Florida, until Ricky learns that Orson Welles has agreed to appear in a benefit at the club. To keep his meddling spouse away from the actor, Ricky changes his mind and gladly gives Lucy enough money for her Florida trip.

While trying on skin-diving equipment at Macy's, Lucy and Ethel encounter Mr. Welles, who is autographing copies of his latest record album. Dressed in a wet suit and flippers, Lucy hobbles over to Welles and immediately starts bragging to the Shakespearean expert about her wonderful performance as Juliet in a Jamestown High School production.

When Welles learns Lucy's name, he offers her the part of his assistant in the act he plans to do at Ricky's Club Babalu. Lucy, of course, assumes the act is a scene from Shakespeare and proudly informs her high school drama teacher, Miss Hanna.

On the night of the benefit, Miss Hanna and a group of aspiring student-actors arrive to witness Lucy's stellar Shakespearean performance. What they are treated to is a little bit of the poet and a whole lot of magic tricks. During Welles's brilliant levitation trick, Lucy says: "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? Get me down from here, Romeo."

Special Notes: During Lucy's levitating scene, Orson Welles' is ad libbing Shakespeare. Orson Welles appearance in this episode was at Lucy's insistance. Welles, whose career had taken a nose dive by this time, was down on his luck so he was camping out in the Arnazes guest cottage. Notorious for his drinking and obnoxiously crude behavior, Welles wore out his welcome at the Arnaz house as he did nothing but drink, play cards and treat everyone gruffly. Lucille had to find a way to get rid of her unwanted guest, especially since Desi was not one to turn down a drink when offered to him by Welles. Lucille decided to have this show written for him, so she could pay him salary for the appearance and he'd have money to get a place of his own.

Bloopers: When Ricky returns home for his briefcase, it is nowhere to be seen. In the next shot, the briefcase appears prominently on the piano.

Episode #156
Season #6 (1956-57)

Aired: October 15, 1956
Filmed: June 14, 1956
Rating: 43.8/62

James V. Kern (Director),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Pugh Davis (Writer),
Bob Schiller (Writer),
Bob Weiskopf (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Orson Welles (Himself),
Ellen Corby (Miss Hanna),
Lou Krugman (Paul, Manager at Club Babalu),
Ray Kellogg (Macy's Sales Clerk),
Jack Rice (Macy's Floorwalker),
Fred Aldrich (Customer),
Hazel Pierce (Customer),
Bennett Green (Customer)