Lucy Goes to Scotland


Lucy Goes to Scotland

I Love Lucy

About to leave Blighty and with no available time to visit the home of her Scottish ancestors, Lucy dreams of the McGillicuddy clan's village of Kildoonan.

She returns to the friendly little town, expecting to be welcomed with open arms. The townspeople welcome her joyously in song, but then inform her that she has returned just in time to be fed to a terrible two-headed dragon that appears every thirty years to appease his appetite with a McGillicuddy and Lucy is the last available member of the clan.

Enter Scotty MacTavish MacDougal MacCardo (Ricky Ricardo in kilts), son of Enchilada MacCardo, who came to Scotland on the Spanish Armada. Lucy and Scotty quickly fall in love and he promises to defend her against the hungry two-headed beast.

The Dragon (Fred and Ethel) appears and sings "Two Heads Are Nay Better Than One," then listens to Lucille and Scotty trying to talk him out of his high-calorie plans. When the time arrives for Scotty to save Lucille, he loses his courage. Awakened by her nightmare, Lucy pelts Ricky with her pillow, shouting, "You coward!"

Special Notes: Lucille Ball is part Scottish. One of the townspeople was portrayed by Norma Zimmer, who, years later, would become famous as Lawrence Welk's Champagne Lady.

Bloopers: Lucy wants to go to Scotland to look up some of her mother's relatives. She refers to them as the MacGillicuddy's, but that is her mother's married name, so she should be looking for her father's relatives.

Episode #144
Season #5 (1955-56)

Aired: February 20, 1956
Filmed: January 6, 1956
Rating: N/A

Tis Nay a Bra Bricht Nicht,
A McGillicuddy is Here,
I'm in Love with a Dragon's Dinner,
Two Heads are Nay Better Than One,
Dragon Waltz

James V. Kern (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Pugh Davis (Writer),
Bob Schiller (Writer),
Bob Weiskopf (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Larry Orenstein (Mayor Ferguson),
John Gustafson (Townsperson),
John Hynd (Townsperson),
Robert E. Hamlin (Townsperson),
Ann Ellen Walker (Townsperson),
Norma Zimmer (Townsperson),
Betty Noyes (Townsperson),
Dick Byron (Townsperson),
Chuck Schrouder (Townsperson),
Betty Allen (Townsperson)