Ethel's Birthday


Ethel's Birthday

I Love Lucy

With his wife's birthday approaching, Lucy decides to help Fred pick out a birthday present for Ethel. The present turns out to be toreador pants. Upon seeing the gaudy hostess pants, Ethel whines, "I wanted a toaster!" This sets off a heated argument between the two friends, until Lucy takes the pants, saying, "I'll wear them myself, after taking in the seat eight inches!"

The boys appear just as Ethel complains: "She called me a hippopotamus." Lucy: "Oh, I did not, Ethel. I said you're a little hippy. On second thought you do have the biggest potamus I've ever seen." Lucy storms out of her landlords' apartment, saying, "Happy birthday, Mrs. Mertz, and I hope you live another seventy-five years!"

Since the girls now refuse to go to the theatre together (Ricky bought four tickets to "Over the Teacups" as Ethel's birthday gift), the men scheme to rekindle the friendship by fooling them into believing the other has exchanged the tickets.

Upon arriving in the balcony, Lucy and Ethel realize they will be sitting next to each other as they watch the sentimental production. The play moves them to tears, and the two make up.

Special Notes: William Frawley's alcoholism was well known and would occasionally cause hand tremors. The scene where he sneaks back to discuss Ethel's present is one of those occasions. You see his hands shaking badly as he pulls money out of his wallet to give to Lucy.

Episode #106
Season #4 (1954-55)

Aired: November 29, 1954
Filmed: October 7, 1954
Rating: 47.3/66

William Asher (Director),
Jess Oppenheimer (Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis Pugh (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Richard D. Kean (John's Voice),
Mary Lansing (Cynthia's Voice)