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Below are the featured stars and their biographies from all of Lucille Ball's Television shows. Just click on the picture for the full biography of the character. For more characters, click on the navigation to the left for the TV Characters from that particular show.

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy (1951-1957)

Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Vivian Vance William Frawley
Lucille Ball
(Lucy Ricardo)
Desi Arnaz
(Ricky Ricardo)
Vivian Vance
(Ethel Mertz)
William Frawley
(Fred Mertz)
Keith Thibodeaux Kathryn Card Elizabeth Patterson Doris Singleton
Keith Thibodeaux
(Little Ricky)
Kathryn Card
(Mrs. McGillicuddy)
Elizabeth Patterson
(Mrs. Trumball)
Doris Singleton
(Carolyn Appleby)
Shirley Mitchell Mary Jane Croft Joseph Mayer Michael Mayer
Shirley Mitchell
(Marion Strong)
Mary Jane Croft
(Betty Ramsey)
Joseph Mayer
(Toddler Ricky)
Michael Mayer
(Toddler Ricky)

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