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Film #59 - Abbott and Costello in Hollywood

Film Date: 1945
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: B&W
Studio: MGM
Film Length: 111 min.
Lucy's Character: Cameo appearance
Film 59 of 81

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Director/Producer: S. Sylvan Simon (Director/Producer), Martin A. Goch (Producer)

Bud and Lou play a pair of Tinseltown barbers who dream of becoming high-priced showbiz agents. Their first clients are Frances Rafferty and Robert Stanton, whose careers may be over before they begin when A&C manage to antagonize powerful producer Donald MacBride and stuck-up film star Carleton Young. The plot serves only as a clothesline upon which to hang several sidesplitting comedy routines: Abbott teaching Costello how to give a shave, Lou vainly trying to get a good night's sleep, a "stunt man" bit involving the tremulous Costello and hulking Mike Mazurki, and a wild roller-coaster finale.


Bud Abbott - Buzz Kurtis
Lou Costello - Abercrombie
Frances Rafferty - Claire Warren
Robert Stanton - Jeff Parker
Jean Porter - Ruthie
Warner Anderson - Norman Royce
Rags Ragland - Himself
Mike Mazurka - Klondike Pete
Robert E. O'Connor - Studio Cop
William "Bill" Phillips - Kavanaugh's Assistant
Skeets Noyes - Assistant Director
Frank Scannell - Waiter
Arthur Space - Director
Dick Winslow - Orchestra Leader
Dean Stockwell - Himself, Cameo
Harry Tyler - Taxi Driver
Carleton Young - Gregory Lemaise
Marie Blake - Secretary
Karin [Katharine] Booth - Louise
Chester Clute - Mr. Burvis
Richard Alexander - Prop Man
Lucille Ball - Cameo
King Baggot
Marion Martin - Miss Millbane
Robert Z. Leonard - Himself, Cameo
Jackie "Butch" Jenkins
Donald MacBride - Dennis Kavanaugh
Edgar Dearing - Studio Guard
Preston S. Foster - Guest
Butch Jenkins - Himself, Cameo
Kirby Grant - Jeff Parker

Special Notes: Lucille Ball, Jackie "Butch" Jenkins, Preston S. Foster and Robert Z. Leonard make guest appearances.

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